Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunny Sunday in the Sydney Botanical Gardens

The Sydney Botanical Gardens and surrounding lawns and structures are an ideal place to hang out on a sunny day - even a sunny day which is rather cold.

Birds, as always, offered much entertainment. There were about 40 sulphur crested cockatoos in one location - silly humans were feeding them bread and the birds were so used to this that they sat on the donors' hands, arms and heads. It was a hard sight to take in for someone whose crops are under potential threat from these birds.

An ibis helping itself to water, in the cafe. The staff get extremely irate with these birds - an ibis landing on the table to eat scraps is not quite like having a sparrow hang around. They - the staff - are waiting with great anticipation for the day they - the staff - get netted in! Soon apparently.

An old dracaena draco was felled in May by the contrast of long drought and lots of sudden rainwater. It was interesting to see the pragmatic prognosis given by the gardeners.

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