Sunday, April 12, 2009

Finally get back to the farm

After weeks (months) of endless work I finally had a chance to visit the farm the other day. The OH gets to stay there for several days every week - I'm not so lucky. Rabbit holes everywhere - in the ground, under the beans, through the orchard netting. Everyone says this is the worst year for these wretched animals - seems they are celebrating the 150th anniversary of their introduction to Victoria with a vengeance.

Autumn is a gorgeous time of the year - and this year many of the plants appear to be slightly confused. Instead of setting fruit buds the currants are sprouting leaves when they should be considering hunkering down for winter. Roses and geraniums/pelargoniums are flowering and despite the depredations of the uninvited Oryctolagus cuniculus the kitchen garden still looks colorful with its salvias and tagetes hanging on to their flowers.

Having lost our blueberry crop to the extreme heat in February (plants ok, fruit dried on the bush), we're now moving into HUGE bean production. And that's despite the fact that a rabbit or two has decided that the beautifully tilthed soil is ideal for creating underground chambers through the bean roots. Beans are causing major ructions at home - I need excitement in my meals (especially when one has to eat endless amounts of the same veg due to that thing called seasonality!) and the cook thinks that veg should be presented pretty much as they came from the plant, with a bit of cooking of course. Fortunately the neighbours love receiving our vegetable excess - quite often in exchange for bottles of wine. The chard is looking particularly attractive - red and pink stemmed varieties appear to be the strongest plants.