Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dateline Singapore

Have worked out why Singapore is such a shopping mecca - it's hot and humid and the shopping centres are air conditioned!

We've been travelling around on an EZ-ticket. This is the efficient, easy to use forerunner of Melbourne's MYKI. We were talking with info staff who said that there had been problems with the electronic ticketing, and they are constantly upgrading. But to an outsider it appears to function well - few delays despite the number of people using the tickets, and they are much cheaper than paying cash.

The Singapore Botanical Gardens are green green green. Lush, gorgeous, huge, and regrettably - hot. There's bird and insect sound - but am sure it's piped into the tree tops. So few birds to be seen; quite a few butterflies. And being Singapore - so clean. Dictatorships can be worthwhile ocassionally.